House of Anubis!!

Here you can write songs that you think are perfect for House of Anubis, Sibuna, Peddie, Amife, Jara, Moy, or Fabina!!

Fabina Songs:

  1. Before It Breaks
  2. P.S. (I'm Still Not Over You)
  3. You're Not Sorry
  4. Already Gone
  5. Enchanted
  6. A Whole New World
  7. Me With You
  8. Can't Help Falling in Love


  9. Beautiful Soul
  10. I'll Stand By You
  11. Broken
  12. Love
  13. Give Love a Try
  14. My Perfect Day
  15. Face of Love
  16. Kiss The Girl
  17. A Year Without Rain
  18. Every Day
  19. Every Little Thing
  20. You're My Favorite Song
  21. My Immortal
  22. Fallin' For You
  23. White Horse
  24. Finally Free
  25. Teenage Dream
  26. No Air
  27. Forever & Always
  28. You I See
  29. Dj Got us Fallin' In Love
  30. BAM
  31. Everytime We Touch
  32. Tell Me That You Love Me
  33. What Makes You Beautiful
  34. Worldwide
  35. Nobody Knows
  36. Love Will Find A Way
  37. Just The Way You Are
  38. City Life

Peddie Songs:

  1. BAM
  2. Maybe
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  3. Give it Up
  4. Love you Hate you
  5. Everytime we Touch
  6. What Makes You Beautiful
  7. Boyfriend By Big Time Rush
  8. Worldwide
  9. Countdown- in Victorious
  10. One Thing
  11. Just The Way You Are
  12. As Long As You Love Me
  13. Boyfriend by Justin Bieber
  14. Fall by Justin Bieber
  15. Die in your Arms by Justin Bieber

Jara Songs:

  1. Do You Remember
  2. Everytime We Touch
  3. Give it up
  4. Everybody
  5. Just The Way You Are

Moy Songs:

  1. A Thousand Miles (Acoustic Version)
  2. Payphone

Amfie Songs:

  1. Back To December
  2. Never Face It Alone
  3. Just The Way You Are

Sibuna Songs:

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