Fabina Fanfiction Challenge

Sponsered by:

User:Fabina Lover

Only for:

Fabina shippers and fanfiction authors who loves Fabina a lot

Needs to be:


Rated K


About Fabina

A House of Anubis fanfic


Super Fluffy like a nice, softest, sparkly cloud

Really Romantic and Conflict-free

Dosen't Need:


Bad Words

Jabian or Jabina













Influcences to Rated M, Rated T and Rated MA

Fabina's breakup

Types allowed:

Song-fics with no bad words, One-shots or chapter fanfics

Amount of people entering the Fabina Fanfiction Contest:

any people

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Fabina Fanfiction Challenge. This the contest for you Fabina fans and fanfiction writers. This challenge is called: "The Fabina Fanfiction Challenge". Here are the requirements:

  1. Has to be about Fabina
  2. Has to be a One-shot, Chapter fanfic that's completed and Song-fic
  3. Has to be rated K only
  4. Has to take place in Season 1 or Season 2
  5. Has to be the super fluffest fanfiction their is.

The start to pick which story wins is October 9th. Have fun and I can't wait to read all of your perfect stories! Happy writing! (Hint: If some contesters win, they will earn this link to go to the Fabina page)

Entery FanfictionsEdit

First FanficsEdit

  1. My first Fabina Fanfic by User:Fabina Lover
  2. House of Anubis: The path of the 7 sins
  3. I'm not good at goodbyes
  4. HISHE: House of Isis and House of Curfews
  5. A Fabina Fanfic 2
  6. A Fabina Fanfic
  7. Birthday Wishes Really Do Come True
  8. Thunder Can Help
  9. Fabina Fan Fiction
  10. It's My Fault
  11. Pretend it's someone else's pain
  12. Tired
  13. Colored Heart Stones
  14. I still believe in love
  15. House of Love
  16. Worse Than Death
  17. A la nanita
  18. You Already Know How I Feel

Secondary FanficsEdit

  1. Christmas Day At Anubis House
  2. A Fabina Christmas
  3. The Distance
  4. Pier jump
  5. Kissing In The Rain
  6. 100 Minus 1 Day
  7. Dreaming of you
  8. And She Will Be Loved
  9. A Fabina Story: Nina and Fabian Together Forever
  10. You had me at hello
  11. Enchanted

Winning FanficsEdit

  1. My Firat Fabina Fanfic
  2. House of Anubis: Path of the 7 sins
  3. HISHE: House of Isis & House of Curfews
  4. A Fabina Fanfic
  5. Birthday Wishes Really Do Come True
  6. Thunder Can Help
  7. Fabina Fan Fiction
  8. Colored Heart Stones
  9. I still believe in love
  10. House of Love
  11. A la nanita
  12. You Already Know How I Feel
  13. Christmas Day At Anubis House
  14. A Fabina Christmas
  15. The Distance
  16. Pier Jump
  17. 100 Minus 1 Day
  18. Dreaming Of You
  19. And She Will Be Loved
  20. You had me at a hello
  21. Enchanted