Fabina- Fabian and Nina are back together, it about time since Nina was always jealous whenever Fabian was talking or hugging Joy. She was always looking at the wrong moment. They are both shy, smart, can't keep calm under pressure

Peddie- Patricia and Eddie won't get anywhere if they keep fighting, but now that everything is good Eddie knows about Sibuna and why she had to lie to him everything is good with them. They could be haning out more since Eddie is the Osirion ( The Chosen One's Protector) he'll mostly likely no doubt about join Sibuna, and if he doesn't that is just wrong. Patricia and Eddie seem like like they will be together forever.

Amfie- Amber and Alfie are back under Alfie conditions this time it might actually work out this way. They might really work out maybe longer than most peolpe in this house. Lately Amber has been more unconceited ever since they could most like last longer than any one else in the house.
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Jara- Jerome and Mara, I honestly can cay that they won't last cause (sorry to all the Jara shippers) in the season finale Jerome asked her out mad desperately "Mara willyou please please please go out with me" that sounds deserpate. But if they do okay whatever good luck with that.

These are the different things and miracles of the Capulets also known as couples.