Couple Article
                            A news report about the best things that happen and that the things are different.                                                                                                                                      1. In episode 83: Amber is starting to regretting the breakup with Alfie, in the finale, they got back togehter again. Amfie's Miracle.

2. In episode 83: Mickra ended when Mara started to crush on Jerome and in the finale, Jara began when Jerome and Mara kissed and become a couple. Jara's Miracle.

3. All of the tension have ended in the relationship of Peddie, which means: Peddie + No Tension = Love Couple. Peddie's Miracle :) Yes!

4. In the finale: Fabina is back on when they got back together and then Fabina have shared there third kiss and then Fabina is safe when Jabian becomes a friendship paring and healed by the 3rd kiss. Fabina's Miracle <3 Yay!

Last: About Jina, Joy and Nina are not frenemies anymore when they became friends and that Joy moved on.

                                                            Cause of Miracles:
                                                     March 9th and Season 2 Finale